Preparing for a Funeral Mass and Burial

It is never easy to lose a loved one, no matter their age or circumstances.  If a loved one has been called home by God, we will work with you and the funeral home or cremation society of your choice. Please call the Parish Office and ask for the Funeral Coordinator or email Mary at


Proper Burial for a Catholic Christian – If you choose cremation, Catholic Christian cremains are to be buried or put in a crypt (not scattered or kept).

Christian Burial Guidelines from the Vatican
The Church continues to prefer the practice of burying the bodies of the deceased because this shows a greater esteem toward the departed. Nevertheless, cremation is not prohibited unless it was chosen for reasons contrary to the Christian faith. When cremation of the body has been chosen, the human cremated remains of the faithful must be laid to rest in a sacred place (i.e., a cemetery). This helps to ensure that due respect is shown to the faithful departed and that they are included in the prayers and remembrance of their family and the Catholic community.
Human cremated remains of the faithful departed should not be split among family members, scattered, incorporated into jewelry, or kept at a residence. Assurance must be given that cremated remains will be properly buried or entombed. If a family indicates that the remains are to be scattered or disposed of in any inappropriate way, the cremated remains may NOT be present in the church for a funeral liturgy. Scattering is contrary to Catholic teaching that says the cremated remains should be handled with the same reverence as with a human body.

Burial in Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Garden – please ask the funeral home or cremation company to place ashes in a BIODEGRADABLE bag.

Funeral Mass is with body (casket or cremains) or Memorial Mass (with no body)

You can choose one OLD TESTAMENT reading and one NEW TESTAMENT reading by clicking HERE to open all readings outside of the Easter Season. Within the Easter Season click HERE for all the readings.

Our church provides Lectors to do the readings for your family or may choose family members or friends to do the readings.

You may also choose music selections from the list provided here (if you choose to have music at the Mass):

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