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15th Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 14th

“How difficult is it to fulfill being a neighbor to whomever is in need”

Saints Cosmas and Damian (Died about 287 AD) (text)

The Monastery of Saint Catherine (Video 9:14 min)

Love Your Neighbors: A Simple Step (Video 4:25 min)

Deacon Lin liturgy (The Mass) lesson 2 – Veneration of the Altar (Video 3 min)

Animated Children’s video, “Helping an Unexpected Neighbor”  (Video 6:14 min)

Word on Fire – The Greatest Commandment (Audio 16 min)


Sent out to evangelize the world

This new video on FORMED highlights the life of Saint Andrew and his bold proclamation of the Gospel. Watch now (1:41)


Want more? Watch After the Upper Room: St. Andrew in its entirety on FORMED!

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What is the Upper Room? Our Lady of Lourdes now has a Multimedia Catholic Resource Center. It is a place to increase your faith and then take it outside the doors of the parish. The Upper room is available to parishioners on Saturdays 4PM until 7PM and Sundays 9AM until 2PM. The room is located  on the side of the Narthex of the Church where you see the Pentecost glass window pictured above. Material related to each of the Liturgical Sundays of the year is provided both on this webpage and in the Upper room as well as access to much more. See photos of Pentecost Sunday 2019 Launch!

Volunteers as Upper Room Ministers are needed after each Mass to assist parishioners in finding the media content appropriate for their interests and maybe to make a pot of coffee or two. If you would like to join this effort please call Cheryl Palmer @ 518-527-0812

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